🇺🇸 ELECTION 2020: The Constitutional Crisis 🗳

My biggest fear as an American going into tomorrow’s election is a case where Trump loses the election & refuses to accept defeat & attempts to remain in power until he has no other political or military recourse that allows him to maintain the presidency. Trump has been building his case & public support to do this for years now.

In the 1st presidential debate, he declined on live national television to urge his support base to PEACEFULLY accept a lost election. This type of behavior invites the worst of his supporters to bring civil unrest & violence to the polls & streets in the case that THEY BELIEVE he hasn’t actually lost the election. There is a frightfully large amount of people who believe this false narrative that the democratic party is planning to use fraud as a last resort power grab.

He has always claimed that there is mass voter-fraud throughout this country. A claim he has proposed for years but supported w/ ZERO credible evidence & he’s increased this rhetoric intensely as the election neared. There are massive amounts of people who believe Trump’s planted misinformation & believe the shoddy journalism outposts he uses as a pseudo, state-controlled media. His campaign is pushing this narrative so hard, that they have built a network of volunteer “poll-watchers” to look out & take action against “fraud”. These people who are volunteering are really just a bunch of crazed Trump supporters that believe every bit of his propaganda, false reality & will likely use intimidation, harassment, & physical action if they believe they’ve witnessed voter-fraud.

Then we get a report today, that Trump plans to announce a pre-mature victory if it looks like it may be in his favor. The likelihood that this election will be OFFICIALLY undecided is VERY HIGH due to our abnormal circumstances w/ COVID measures in place. This is literally the worse year to have a megalomaniac, manipulating politician in the highest office. If he has the support of enough people & military, he can maintain the presidency indefinitely until he can muscle some kind of false victory.

As a moderate, a lover of democracy, capitalism, & individual freedom, This is the constitutional crisis & fall out I fear will erode the constitution’s power, authority, & stability we enjoy as American citizens. ☕️

- Britt 🌶

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